FRUDIA Honey Lip Care Set

FRUDIA Honey Lip Care Set


[Frudia] Coconut Honey Salve Lip Cream

It is honey lip cream that creates a protective cover to provide nutrition to cracked and chapped lips. Your lips that frequently get damaged due to lack of nutrition. Coconuts pickled with honey create protective cover to provide nutrition and heal scars. Suitable for all types of skin.

* Protect chapped lips: Contains centella asiatica extract that is excellent in healing damage and panthenol which smoothly covers chapped cracked lips.

* Highly nutritious care with the power of coconut: Coconut is rich in nutrition, and it creates a natural cover over rough lips which can easily get damaged in harsh weather.

* Contains moisturizing honey: As it contains propolis extract, manuka and royal jelly, it creates a protective cover keeping your lips moisturized.

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