AIR Mask 24 Watery (10pcs)

AIR Mask 24 Watery (10pcs)


[Frudia] AIR Mask 24 Watery

Sub-acid mask that absorbs triple Hyaluronic Acid as lightly and comforta-bly as air into the skin, allowing the skin moisture barrier to stay watery.

Three Layered Moisturizing Triple Hyaluronic Acid° composed of

small, medium, and large molecules is absorbed deep into the skin

moisture barrier neatly, providing compact and full moisturizing effect.

pH5.0(±0.5) Sub-acid Mask The fruit vinegar* ingredient makes the

skin to healthiest and slightly acidic state by controlling the pH balance

disturbed by the external environment.

Comfortable Air Mesh Sheet With highly permeable mesh mater-

ial, the sheet adheres lightly to the skin for it to breathe, and delivers

active ingredients gently.

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