Blueberry Hydrating Melting Cleansing Balm

Blueberry Hydrating Melting Cleansing Balm


The Perfect First-Step in Your Double-Cleanse Routine

It is one-step cleansing stick with its less irritated substance that originated from nature and rich in blueberry extract. It removes sebum and make-up inside pores and keeps your skin moist after you wash your face. Your skin easily gets damaged as you live in a city. When your skin gets dry, fill your skin with energy of blueberry. Anthocyanin that removes active oxygen takes care of energy in your skin and moisturizes your skin. Suitable for all types of skin including dry skin. 

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  • Transforming Cleansing Balm

This is a solid balm that melts make-up and sebum when it touches skin right away, and it gets turned into soft and moist bubble with water.

  • Melting makeup and sebum at once

Powerful cleansing capability of this stick eliminates makeup and residue. No make up remover wipes needed--this balm does all the work!

  • The balm that does it all

In one step, it removes blackheads, sebum, waste and make-up.

* Details *

①  It is less irritated substance that originated from nature, it contains moisturizing substance, 52% blueberry extract and safe deep cleanser. 
② It touches your skin and melts out make-up, sebum all at a single step. 
③ It creates protective layer moisturizing your skin after you wash your face and keeps your skin hydrated.
④ If you directly apply it onto skin, it gives your skin line-massage lifting your skin and making your skin tight.
⑤ It is easy to use and good for travel.